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LCDHost Plugins / Re: [Release] LH_NowPlaying (v3.00)
« Last post by Reaper116 on 2016-11-26 14:01:59 »
judging from lcdhost you can only get the album art and track name, but there looks to be a spotify plugin for winamp if you want to go back and give that a shot
LCDHost Plugins / Re: [Release] LH_NowPlaying (v3.00)
« Last post by MacrosoftWord on 2016-11-20 03:19:35 »
So I know that LCDHost is basically abandoned, but I was trying to figure something out for Now Playing. I used to use winamp as my player which worked fine, but recently I started using Spotify. After some searching I have a question: does NP work with Spotify at all, or should I just give up trying to get the two to work?
What you can do is cut the keyboard off your G15!
I did it and now i have a G15 Screen that just sits on my desk.

Here are some images
Take a look at the G510s.  I think its compatible with LCDSirReal and is still available new.
Other sourcecode / Route53 Dynamic updater
« Last post by SoCalBeachRunner on 2016-10-21 23:08:13 »
Just a shout out to say Thanks for this script to use AWS web services to update Amazon Route 53 DNS records like DynDNS dynamic scripts. Lots of Google'ing and this was the best solution out there. I mod'ed it slightly to work with an empty hostname. Once it's proven to work reliably for a while I'll share back the change.
Hello everyone.

I have been a happy user of LCDSirReal for almost a decade now. But unfortunetly my G15 is getting a bit old and worn down so i'm looking for a replacement.
I really cannot do without the info display that the G15 has. It's really really usefull.
I have bene looking at the G19, but the display is simply too small for my liking (and the price is a bit high).
So i have been looking around for external displays that i can program with different information like the ones that LCDSirReal offers.

But so far i have not found any that is satisfactory.
What i have found is:

alphacool_external_240x128_lcd_display - Pros: good size, good customizability - Cons: looks like its only blue and white colors (yuck),4.html

USBD480-WQ43 - Pros: good size, colors - Cons: not enclosed, and unknown customizability

USB LCD - LCD System info - Pros: colors, good customizability - Cons: very small

So I was hoping that someone knew of any alternatives?
I was aiming for something that is about 15cm x 10cm preferably with colors, but B&W will also do, and ofc. some way to customize what info is displayed.

Thanks in advance.
LCDHost Discussion / Re: LCD Host non responsive on Win10
« Last post by Antistar on 2016-09-08 04:32:12 »
There's a thread here about LCDHost and Windows 10, in which people have suggested various solutions.

I was lucky in that I updated from Win 8.1 to Win 10 rather than doing a clean install (which seems to be a problem for LCDHost), so I didn't experience any problems myself.

On the problems with extremely long load times for layouts, there's this - though I'm not sure if it's the same thing.
LCDHost Discussion / Re: LCD Host non responsive on Win10
« Last post by d33tz on 2016-09-06 14:40:28 »
I just did a clean install last night of Window 10 (64bit), And I can't get lcd host to work at all. It does not show as an applet in the logitech software. When I look at outputs in Lcdhost there are no options. I'm stumped, I've tried 32 and 64 bit versions.
LCDHost Discussion / Re: LCD Host non responsive on Win10
« Last post by upD8R on 2016-08-31 12:26:41 »
I experience the same while cycling through layouts. Not sure when it started, though?

Do you run the Win10 Anniversary Update?
LCDHost Layouts / Re: [G19] ColourBlocks
« Last post by Antistar on 2016-08-27 02:26:26 »
Hmm - been a while.

Yesterday I replaced my GTX 770 video card (which I had when I made ColourBlocks) with a GTX 1060, and found that the old version of HWInfo (4.40) required by LCDHost did not properly recognise the new video card. The GPU load/temperature/memory/etc was no longer being monitored.

An updated version of HWInfo does recognise and monitor the GTX 1060 properly, but then LCDHost wouldn't recognise the new version of HWInfo. (LCDHost really really needs an update.)

In the end, I went back to HWInfo64 4.40 and started using GPU-Z to monitor anything GPU-related. I had to change the various GPU items in ColourBlocks to instead point at GPU-Z of course, but so far it seems to work fine.

Just thought I'd mention it in case it helps anyone.
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