Author Topic: Does LCDSirReal have these features?  (Read 3963 times)


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Does LCDSirReal have these features?
« on: 2017-04-10 13:07:15 »

I need these 2 features on my G13. Best auxiliary device ever.

1) I need to create a G13 profile where G keys raw events codes are sent to the DirectInput driver directly. No Logitech mapping. My event listener (JInput) will manage the G13 events by itself. This profile is active on demand only. I need the Logitech drivers for other applications. Right now when i create an empty profile, raw key codes are not sent to the DirectInput pipe. But my code can detect that the G13 is connected and knows about all the G13 keys... but event codes never reach it. Maybe LCDSirReal has a hook to enable raw key event codes?

2)Unrelated to question 1. Question 2 is about feedback about the G13 key pressed. Can LCDSirReal show the name of the command that was triggered by LCDSirReal. So for example if in the Logitech program I mapped the G11 key to CTRL-C named "Copy" .. When I press G11, LCDSirReal would display the String "Copy". If it can do that, I buy in a heartbeat. Been years looking for this feature.



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Re: Does LCDSirReal have these features?
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I think the knowledge gained this time is very important because I am looking for.