Author Topic: Tiny Font for G13 (which I done made by accident...)  (Read 5546 times)


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Hi All,

I, like some other people, have had problems getting legible fonts at a small enough size for my tiny G13 screen, so I thought I'd have a go at making my own.  I've never made a font before on a PC, but made plenty of fixed-width bitmapped (raster) fonts on 8-bit machines back in the day.

So, after some Googling, I downloaded Raster Font Editor v0.14 by CyLog Software- as you may guess from the version number, this is an alpha release and comes with no help or documentation whatsoever (but why make things easy, right...? ;-) )

My first attempt was promising, but as there was no whitepsace on either side of my characters, they all tended to run into each other, so I set about making version 2.  I thought I'd set it up exactly the same as my first attempt - But No! - there are differences;

+ This Font Is Not My Font: The characters that are displayed on my G13 look nothing like the characters my font designer displays (although at least my font designer displays the characters I actually designed...?).  This Is Not My Font - This Is Someone Else's Font - perhaps the sharp eyed amongst you could tell me which font it is ;-)
+ This Font Is Not A Raster Font: Characters have proportional width, and descenders work correctly (although the size of the text box needs to be set bigger than the font size to see them - a Font Size of 6 requires a Text Box height of 9).

TBH, I haven't really got a clue what's gone on here, and I don't really care too much either - I have a legible, scalable, proportional font at 6pts(px?), which is more than I was after.

So I thought I'd stick it up here in case its of use to anyone else.  I'm a little concerned that I may not have the rights to redistribute this font, but I am not claiming to have made it - I have simply repackaged it so it works on the G13 (erm...somehow...).  I only have the default Windows 8.1 font's installed, and I don't think MS are going to send the lawyers after me over this, but you never know...If anybody has an issue with this, please let me know and I'll withdraw it (mods - I hope I'm not risking bannination here...:-/).

You'll need to install the font on your system before it can be seen by LCDHost:

Windows 8.1 Users: Unpack the .ZIP file, Open Control Panel, select Fonts, drag G13-Tiny.fnt onto the Fonts window.
Everyone Else: Unpack the .Zip know how to Google, right? ;-)

You'll need to quit and restart LCDHost to have it show up in the font selection

I'm hoping we'll see some more G13/15 layouts now we can actually get LCDHosts text objects at a reasonable size but regardless, hope somebody finds some use for it!

[EDIT] Oooh, the screenshots shown up twice.  I did this on purpose so you'd all be doubly impressed (honest!!)

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Re: Tiny Font for G13 (which I done made by accident...)
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Great job! I'm using a G19, but it's useful even on it's color screen.... Finally a sharp tiny font :)


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Re: Tiny Font for G13 (which I done made by accident...)
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Tiny Font I like it a lot.


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Re: Tiny Font for G13 (which I done made by accident...)
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Glad you find it useful! If you're using a G13, perhaps you'd like my status display?

Also, its been 3 years since I posted this - I'm happy to see theres been 200+ downloads in the meantime!