Author Topic: Finally got around to donating for LCDSirReal. Thanks  (Read 2208 times)


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I've been using LCDSirReal for two and a half years on my G510. Today I finally got tired of seeing the nag screen so I donated the $7 and change. Got my code and now I feel good about myself. Hooray! Even if it takes a hundred weeks those nag screens pay off eventually.

Thanks for creating this program, I've found it very useful.

I do kind of wish there'd be an update, even if it didn't actually add anything, because updating software is so damn satisfying.

One of these days maybe I'll decide to get a G19 (though if I were going to be willingly extorted out of $200 for a keyboard I'd probably get something with mechanical switches) and then I'll get to use LCDHost!

Anyway yeah, thanks for the years of service.

I hope that five euro buys you the best damn hamburger you'll eat all week.
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