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Severe crashing bug - intermittent
« on: 2013-10-06 17:31:32 »
I was experiencing a common but intermittent issue, where when I booted up my computer and logged in (Windows 7 x64 Professional), my Logitech G510 keyboard would constantly crash and reboot in a loop (usually also resulting in losing all of my Logitech Gaming Software settings), while also causing my mouse to stop working (Razer Imperator 2012). This would happen once the Logitech Gaming Software started up (if I removed it from my startup items it would never happen on boot. This issue would also occur once I started up the LGS post-boot, slightly less often, but would still occur). If LCDSirReal didn't start up when starting LGS, then it also wouldn't happen, which leads me to believe that it is LCDSirReal that is causing this, not the Logitech Gaming Software (though it could share some blame).

I managed to improve this behavior by setting use_hid to 3. Still crashes sometimes, but more like 1/15 times now instead of 4/5 times. Setting it to 1 was just as bad as 0.

The only errors in errors.txt that I get are:
2013-10-06 13:19:53 | src/lcd.cpp(186) | can't open the G15 registry key | 000000b7=Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

I'm using LGS version 8.50.281 and LCDSirReal 2.85.

Anybody have any ideas for how to fix this?
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