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Possible Payment Options / My Opnions
« on: 2012-01-18 20:55:18 »
This program is going to be worth the buy if you ask me, so here is a cool payment option you could do if you decide to.

Once you get to version 1.0.0, release it for free. But any version after that will cost money (even like 1.0.1).

This way everyone gets to try the software and if they like it and want to have the newest version they can buy it. People are going to crack and pirate almost any software so if you give at least some of it for free you will should eliminate some of that. Maybe have it so it only costs like 10$ but updates are like 10$ every 3-4 months or something, ya know?

So when people buy it, you give them a serial key that activates the upgrade program.

Thanks for the amazing software, do you know when (in years or months) the beta will be released? This thing is very stable, works like a charm, and I now have no issues with it at all. It is just a pain to have to re-do everything for every version when its working the way ya have it because of the timmer running out. I understand you want it to be stable and good to go, but how much stuff more can ya add, there already is so many features.

Anyway thanks for an amazing program, I don't know what I would do without it, I got every stat my PC can give me on it.