Author Topic: My LCDHost is about to expire!  (Read 22204 times)


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My LCDHost is about to expire!
« on: 2011-12-18 15:30:11 »
What do I do?
Wait for the next alpha release. Historically, I usually squeeze out a new release just before (or, in some cases, slightly after) the current one times out. LCDHost will notify you once the update comes out (unless you disabled update checking). If I fail to release before timeout, you'll have to download a new copy manually.

So, why *does* it time out?
Because I don't want people to run old code while the application is in such a volatile state. Once LCDHost reaches beta status (meaning, no new features should be added, and internal API's are stable), I'll remove the timer.

Can I buy it?
No, not yet. I'll think of some way to make money with it before beta status. But in this age of "everything must be free", I'm not sure what's going to be the best way. Perhaps subscriptions, with advertising as an option. Perhaps one-time fee for current version plus a year's worth of updates. Got an idea? Drop me a PM.

I really like this program, can I help?
Sure! You can help test it and report bugs on the issue tracker. You can make layouts and share them. You can help spread the word (advertising is hard). You can help other people with their problems here on the forum. And of course, if you can code, you can try your hand at making plugins.