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Feature Request: Additional Speaker Config
« on: 2011-11-24 17:12:34 »
Firstly, I just have to say this application is awesome and very easy to use and configure. Great Job!

I have a request, though I am not sure it is even worth doing. I have a 6.1 speaker setup for my computer, which is not an available mode for the LCDSirReal app. I switch between this setup and headphones when I don't want to disturb my wife. I could use the 5.1 setting, but I feel like I'd be settling for it, which I rather not do.

The display shows 7.1 when I am using 6.1, which is fine. Of course, if I use the app to "switch" to 7.1 then Windows will change to 7.1, which doesn't work for my 6.1 setup.

Is it possible and worthwhile to add 6.1 functionabity to this app? I realize I may be the only person in the world that has a 6.1 setup and it may not be worth the hassle to code.

Thanks in any event and keep up the awesome work!