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AMP / TS3 mods
« on: 2011-10-11 14:10:40 »

First, thanks and kudos for this applet, I just 'purchased' the code through Paypal -never, ever, did this before.

Two little issues though:
  • I use foobar, and it is well integrated through the AMP module. But I'd would like the track number, artist name and song name (eg. "1. Mika - Relax") to always be there when I'm listening, which is not currently the case (have to push the AMP slot button, and it remains only a few sec).
  • While TS3 mod is also working great, there is a serious problem with players' names with accents, and it's really perturbing.

Could you tell me how to fix this ? Many thanks!

Oh, and, félicitations for your son!