Author Topic: Useful tips when making layouts  (Read 11205 times)


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Useful tips when making layouts
« on: 2010-04-21 13:21:50 »
The layout tab is pretty much all drag-and-drop. To add a new static text to the layout, first select the Static->Text class, then drag and drop the text from the Preview pane to the layout pane. You can also drag and drop directly from the Class pane to the layout pane.
Selecting stuff can be hard, especially if what you want to click is behind other stuff. You can select things in the instance tree. To move something, you can drag an instance from the instance tree onto the layout as an alternative to dragging it in the layout pane.
There is no undo yet, so reloading from your last save is usually the easiest way to recover if you mess up.
To take a screenshot, press CTRL-P. It will be saved in PNG format in the same directory as the layout file.