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Problem with A 16
« on: 2011-05-16 15:22:17 »
I've been using LCDHost with my G19 since alpha14...with a16 I've gotten a lockup problem that I don't know if you've seen yet.  I'll try to give as much detail as I can and see if anything helps.  I'm running a Dell Studio XPS9000/435T with a G19 keyboard and Logitech G9x mouse.  I'm using the latest Logitech drivers for the mouse and keyboard...OS is Win7 Ultimate x64.  I had noticed that when autoloading LCDHost, my computer was very sluggish to boot and would lock up sometimes.  Yesterday I installed a new video card a nVidia GTX460 to replace my nVidia 9800GTX+.  After the install, I could not get the computer to boot at all without locking up.  I started isolating stuff, and I found that what seems to be the issue is the autoloading of LCDHost.  If I uninstall LCDHost, the computer boots OK.  I can reproduce this reliably.  I'm going to try to install LCDHost and not have it automatically start when Windows does to see if that will work, but I absolutely cannot autoload it.  I'm thinking this may be a conflict between either the Logitech drivers, or the Microsoft eHome IR drivers...not certain at this point but there is definitely some sort of driver conflict or maybe a USB conflict??  Any ideas??
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