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This thread can be used to be notified of new LCDSirReal releases. I'll post a new reply whenever I make a new release. First, make sure you're logged on. Create an account first if needed (User Menu to the left). Then click the 'Post tools' button above and to the right. There should be a 'Subscribe' option. You should now receive an e-mail whenever I post in this thread.

Changes in 2.8.1:

    * Compatible with FRAPS 3.00
    * AMP module only shows title changes when module is active
    * Text area shouldn't start repeating if it's very short texts
    * Compatible with TS3 beta 12

LCDSirReal finally got an installer! No changes in the program itself, though.

Changes in 2.8.2:

    * Adds support for the CoreTemp application
    * Adds little stuff like icon and application version information
    * Fixes the embedded LCDSirReal homepage URL

As a side effect of researching how to access the G13/G15 (Z10/G510) hardware on Linux and OS/X, I’ve implemented direct hardware access to those devices in LCDSirReal 2.8.4. If the Logitech software isn’t installed or running (or if it crashes), LCDSirReal will access the LCD directly. In addition, the G-keys will be translated into different special key codes not in common use, so you may be able to map them into games (unlikely unless it’s a quite clever game designer) or to macros using software like AutoHotKey. Yes, now you no longer need to run the 100MB+ Logitech software just to run LCDSirReal. Woot!

Download at


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