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Re: LCDHost release tracking
« Reply #15 on: 2011-05-07 15:06:02 »
What’s new in LCDHost alpha 16:

  • LCDHost now has self-update capability, both for plugins and the main program.
  • Use Tools -> Updates to check the update settings.
  • What’s New display is now on the Welcome screen, not on the device.
  • Updated to Qt 4.7.3 for all platforms
  • OS/X now uses direct-to-hardware since Logitech does not provide 64-bit drivers.
  • HID and USB level drives provided for all platforms.
  • The G19 USB driver requires uninstallation of existing drivers before use.
  • With little in-house testing time, I fully expect this to be an extra-buggy alpha.
  • Report all bugs on the LCDHost issue tracker.
  • I would have liked to replace the g19-default layout, but unfortunately there wasn’t time. Pick your own favorite.
  • Includes a new g15-default layout for 160×43 devices by Ender91.
  • …and lots of other fixes and changes as well.

Important information for OS/X users: LCDHost A16 for OS/X is now 64-bit. If you’re not running Snow Leopard, please consider updating. The Logitech drivers, however, are 32-bit only. This means that LCDHost can no longer use the Logitech drivers to access G13/G15/G19 devices. Sorry about that – but until Logitech releases 64-bit drivers, not much I can do except ask you to try the direct-to-hardware plugins LH_Lg320x240 and LH_Lg160x43. You lose out on the keymapping and backlighting features though. Unfortunately I can’t build a 32-bit version of LCDHost for OS/X, so you’re forced to choose between LCDHost and regular drivers at this point. Hopefully Logitech will release new drivers, and I’ll certainly add macroing and backlight support in the future.