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since h0nk got on my nerves this evening, i managed to finish a ts3 lua plugin and an lcdhost lua plugin that share a file as pipeline for information.

The ts3 plugin keeps a table of the people who are actively talking (and of 0s for people who aren't talking) and writes it to a file (APPDATA/honkiformerts3.txt), the lcdhost plugin reads that file and checks for non-0s, if there is a non-zero the area of the class is filled with black with the name of the person(s) written in white and a special character in front.
latency is surprisingly instant.

h0nk will follow with an update layout soon

some more info for those who want to customize:

you can change the * in front of the nick by editing this line:

--- Code: ---            active = active .. "*" .. line .. " "
--- End code ---

for example:

--- Code: ---            active = active .. "\226\128\162" .. line .. " "
--- End code ---

you can make a message constantly appear in front of the nicks by editing:

--- Code: ---    local active = ""
--- End code ---

to your liking.

Of course it is also possible to change the colors or font since it uses cairo as drawing engine, so it can easily be adapted to display things in 32bit colors (nicks in different colors for example).

This makes it the first working TS3 Plugin (albeit a bit hackish) and the first useful LUA plugin for LCDHost n_n

please make feature requests for more ts3 functionality in this thread

It is indeed the first Lua plugin for LCDHost! Congratulations!
I'm going to make you a moderator for the LCDHost plugins subforum, that will let you post your works there. (Where they belong).

Congrats on the plugin and welcome to the club!  ;)

weee thanks n_n

good work alright. been hassling these guys for ts3 for a while haha

future requests..ahh..just need font size bit bigger...and transparent background.
edit: figured out how to change font size....not text color or background yet tho


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